Why Choose SOLGEN Inc.?

A. We care and help our customers, not simply by providing quality work, but also by giving “free consultation” on all electrical concerns. Our V.P. is a licensed professional electrical Engineer and Board Exam First Placer . He authored “Electrical Engineering Reviewers” on:
            »       D.C. Machines
            »       A.C. Machines
            »       Electrical Equipment
            »       Power Generator System Design and
            »       Transmission and Distribution of Power

B. We have a very strong management team, headed by our President who is a USA-trained management and financial expert and President of two other companies in the contracting and telecom industries. We have the best engineers and consistent workers coming up with innovations and methodologies to reach our two goals, i.e.
                                                                    »       QUALITY WORK and
                                                                    »       ON-TIME DELIVERY

C. We continuously improve and upgrade our tools, testers and facilities. We have also invented our own tester, not readily available in the Philippines, to serve out customers better.

D. Our customers are given PEE Certified Electrical Drawings, Safety Reports and Certification on Safety Electrical Installations on all our contracted works.

and finally…
because we are your



Formerly, this group is only a Division of NAPAR CONTRACTING AND ALLIED SERVICES (NCAS), Inc. which begun operating as a business organization as early as 1993.

After several years of operation, the very able President of the company, Mr. Norman Lacsamana, a USA-trained management and finance expert finally decided to spin-off some of the operating Divisions, to become new corporations, with NCAS, Inc. as the holding or umbrella group. This is how SOLGEN INC, came into existence as a full bloodied company, to provide SolSutions General in Electrical and Electro- Mechanical needs of anybody actual or juridical.


To serve humanity in the field of Electrical and Electro-Mechanical engineering and provide SOLUTIONS GENERAL on their Electro-Mechanical NEEDS and problems. All done at the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction, with the most reasonable pricing.


To be the best option in providing SOLUTIONS, generally and specifically on all Electro-Mechanical NEEDS of people, corporations and institutions.